Eugenio Garcia Jr.

Eugenio Garcia-Jimenez is an Industrial Engineer with 22 years of professional experience. He graduated with a Master in Science in Information Security from the University of Colorado in 2005. Mr. García Jr. is a Licensed Financial Advisor in Investment and Capital (MSRB D00B1B) for Municipalities. He is an entrepreneur with extensive senior status experience in private corporation startups. He has excellent bank relations domestic and overseas. He has on hand experience in day to day trading, banking instruments and commodities works. He is an advisor to several private sectors and government officials, local and abroad. He is a policy maker and lobbyist between government and private banking or corporations and vice versa. Highly qualified, fully bilingual, Senior Executive in Management, Logistics Trading and Banking with verifiable track record and significant experience and relations in Banking, Insurance and Trading Industry. He is results-focused and has notable
leadership skills, recognized for adherence to security and safety. He is the sole member of Eugenio García Jr. & Associates, LLC, established in 2016 to provide management, financial and investment counseling to private and municipal entities in Puerto Rico. He is also the Managing Member and CEO of Premier Investment & Financial Services Group, LLC, a financial intermediary company founded in 2016, authorized and licensed by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions in Puerto Rico under license number IF- 471. Mr. García Jr. is the Managing Member, CEO and majority interest member of M.A.G.

Film Studios, LLC, founded in 2016 and engaged in the creation, production and distribution of original and licensed content movie films, television series and documentaries aimed at educating and inspiring audiences through family, social and faith values.